Content Production for Small Business Social Media

If you're easily managing your day to day social media communities, but you struggle to keep up with the never-ending demands for fresh, new, professionally-produced content, we can help.  

In addition to a 16+ year career as a commercial photographer and marketing professional, Karrie Bond also served as Social Media Manager for a digital marketing agency for 6 years and gained an intimate look into what makes communities click, from corporate chain hotels to destination marketing organizations, to tiny mom-and-pop shops.  

There are times you need a high-end look for a luxurious product, and there are other times you need something that looks like it was taken by a guest in the moment.  A healthy mix of social-friendly snapshots, and polished professional shots, combined with copy written in your brand "voice", is one of the hardest parts of maintaining an active social presence.  

You know your customers, you know your fans, and you know the best way to interact with them once they've joined the conversation.  Let us help you produce the images, video clips, graphics, and articles that will make it easy for you to post regularly, engage enthusiastically, and move your business forward with loyal fans.  


1) Determine your current social media content collection and identify new opportunities

2) Create a Content Wish List of the types of photos, images, written copy, and graphics you need to fill your content calendar.

3) Schedule photo shoot over 1 to 3 days with management, staff, VIP customers, models (if necessary).

4) We schedule, stage, shoot, direct, and manage the session completely.  Unless you want to join in the fun, you can feel free to go about your normal business as usual. 

5) We use a combination of high-end professional DSLR photography equipment and consumer-level technology such as GoPro's, iPhones, InStax cameras, and other "quirky equipment" to give a variety of both polished and raw style content.  Remember, we aren't producing a billboard or designing a website; we are showing fans and followers what a real experience at your business is like from both ends of the spectrum.

6) After the shoot, we cull the session down to the best images, edit the photos and trim the video segments into social-media-appropriate bite-size clips.  The written content will be edited and checked for spelling and grammar.  The hashtags, links, and other incidentals will also be checked for accuracy.  

7) Finally, we deliver the full set of content to you, along with suggestions for optimal post times and supplemental information to help you get the most out of your content delivery. 


The quick answer is, "as much or as little as you need".  We customize the service to your needs and budget.  

But a typical 1-day session with us will provide enough content to fuel your social channels for 6 months...a little less if you typically post more frequently, a little more if you typically skip days between posts or if you plan to re-use posts multiple times.  


Because this is a custom service, we cater to your needs and budget, but the rate is based on how many hours or days we need to shoot, and whether you just need delivery of the photos and video clips (and will write your own copy), or if you need us to provide fully polished written post copy with relevant hashtags and links.      

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