Fantasy Fest 2018!

Wow what a week!

This was my second year covering Fantasy Fest in an official capacity (not just for clients or social media content), and the first year covering the Parade itself.

What an awesome experience, and huge thank you to Nadene Grossman OrrMarky Pierson Morgan Fraga and everyone at Wonderdog Studios for having me on board.

I have to say, I don't think any amount of fun you could all have on the balconies, the sidewalks, or possibly even the floats themselves (?maybe debatable on that one?) could compare to the energy and adrenaline of being ground level, with the crowds, walking the route, shooting the floats, trying to stay out of the way, skimming the throngs for photo-worthy costumes, having people yelling to you to get their photo ("and now our photo! And now our photo!")....I was smiling and laughing the entire time, got a few dance moves in between shots, and even caught a bead with my flash! (Now that's SKILL!) haha.

revelers enjoy fantasy fest in key west

I know for the FF veteran press team (Carol Tedesco Carol ShaughnessyJulie Botteri Rob O'neal Andy Newman Steve PanarielloRachel E LigonMatthew Dockery Nick Doll Florence Nebbout Thomas Filipkowski, you guys are awesome!) this is something you take in stride by now, and walk in with a little bit of swagger, haha, but for me, it was a much appreciated re-energization (is that a word?) and reminder of why I love this job so much.

Many more photos where these came from. Stay tuned to the Fantasy Fest socials for updates.

And check out my own galleries here:

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