Simple Social Strategies for the Otherwise Uninspired

You know you should be marketing yourself on social media. You want to do it yourself, but you have no idea where to begin, what to focus on, or how to go about it.  You have limited time to deal with it, so wasting time tinkering around is not an option.  If this sounds like you, you might consider a consultation or training session. 

We have a curriculum for every level, whether you're a complete newbie unsure of how to set up your profiles, an experienced marketer just hoping to level up in a few areas, or somewhere in the middle.  


• Organizing your Original Content • Scraping the Web for Earned Media •
• Setting up a Editorial Calendar • Blog Article Schedules • Recruiting Contributors •
• Curating User-Generated Content • Tips to Improve "Voice" and Impact • 


•  Fan Growth  •  Link Tracking  •  Scheduling Tips  • Audience Analysis  • 
•  Custom Ad Audiences  •  Image Capture  •  Meme Generation  • 
•  Hashtag Use  •  Reviews Best Practices  •  Generational Differences  •
• Cross-Promotion  •  Content Ideas  •  Writing Better Posts  •
• Blogging  •  Tools of the Trade  •  Time Saving Tips  •  Tagging and Check-Ins • 

CONSULTATIONS include a pre-consult planning call, a one-on-one in-person or virtual consultation session, and availability for follow-up questions by email or chat.  Rarely do clients need more than about 1-3 sessions to be fully up and running.

TRAINING includes a pre-training planning call, option of virtual sessions for up to about 10 people, or in-person sessions for up to about 50 people.  Also includes post-training Q&A support by email or chat.  Workbooks, slide decks, and reporting available as additional services.  Travel rates apply outside the Florida Keys.  



Once you know where your social media ship is headed, it's time to stock up on images that will supplement your written content.  The goal is to create images that illustrate a benefit, tell a story, show off your product, demonstrate your service, inspire fans to take action, and which above all, are true and genuine to your brand and the audience you are trying to attract.



Now that you've got all this great content to share, you could sit at a desk and push out clever quips all day, or you could get out of the office on time for once, and leave the publishing to someone else.  

Our Content Publishing service ensures a steady trickle of updates going out to your social media channels at the intervals that are appropriate for your services.


If you're already good about checking your page messages and interacting with your fans regularly, but just don't want to have to deal with "what am I supposed to post today?", we can pre-schedule your content for you.


If you're already wearing so many hats you could open the next Kelly's Hangar, it might be time to have an extra set of eyeballs on your social media.  In addition to scheduling your content, we'll monitor your Private Messages inbox and skim the Comments, then forward any to you that warrant a reply. 


Sort of like hiring a full-time marketing, customer service, and brand advocacy assistant, without the hassle of adding to your permanent staff.  

Because we are a small team and this service is so comprehensive, we limit the number of Full Management clients we can take at once, and the type of businesses and organizations that we sign on, so that we can best match our experience to your needs.  The best fitting clients are organizations in the travel, leisure, destination, island, hospitality, food and beverage, and resort lifestyle genres.  If you are a medical, legal, financial, or insurance related organization, we have excellent resources to help you find a team that is the right fit for you. 

Please note that our waiting list is about 6 months, and we require a 12 month contract once you decide to move forward.

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